A New Year and a New Project

So it’s a new year and again I am overwhelmed by my lists of what I want to do with it.  A year is not enough time for all of the improvements and projects I have dreamed up for myself.  One of those projects is a quilt.  A full fledged hand quilted queen lonestar.  The fabric in this picture is the beginning of my color palette.  The green batik with flowers is the inspiration.  I managed to pick out all the other ones (which go perfectly) without having it with me!

As I have researched this quilt design I have realized that it is potentially one of the hardest quilts to piece… that there is.  Of course I chose that one!  It’s too late to change it now because I have this picture in my head that I completely love.  The green batik will be the base- so it will be used in the triangles that go around the completed star, making it the fabric you see the most.  The star itself will be a spectrum of the colors pulled from that batik.  I still need to find the right red, orange, green, and blue to add.

I am both excited and daunted by this project as I am both excited and daunted by this new year.  A new year is like a new project- I have my dreams and plans for it but I know they will change.  One of the new things I have started to try and be realistic about dreaming is a 50/50 journal.  It’s fifty goals for fifty years.  I haven’t written out 50 yet, but I’m sure I can get there.  You write out your goals, one per page and then record all the steps you take toward achieving them.  For example: one of my goals is having my own violin studio.  Any book I read on violin pedagogy can go on the list.   Getting business cards printed can go on the list.  Gaining a student goes on the list.  Taking a class or taking lessons goes on the list.  Then I can look at it and see how I am getting closer and closer to achieving that goal.

Perhaps I can be a little more reasonable with my dreaming this year.

~ by shostagirl on January 12, 2012.

One Response to “A New Year and a New Project”

  1. FIFTY YEARS!?!?! Well, that’s…ok, I’m in love with New Years Resolutions as you know, but I don’t think I want to live another fifty years. Hahaha…that puts me at 75!! eep! Maybe I’m not understanding the concept.

    Regardless…the colors are SOOOO pretty! I love the green and purple so close together. That is my favorite color combination. I may have already told you this.

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