Reading Challenge 2012

  One of the exciting things about 2012 is all the books I’ll get to read.  I’m in a reading challenge on and I compete with a couple dear friends.  We keep tabs on each other’s reading stats… number of books, page count totals and what types of books each other are reading.  It’s really fun!  Last year I read 117 books and my goal for this year is 150.  It might get changed to a harder, more challenging number at some point but for now 150 is daunting enough.

Within that large challenge, I want to specify several smaller challenges.  The first is my primary challenge for January which is the L. M. Montgomery challenge.  I talked about this one in a previous post, and I’m in the middle of it at the moment.  I love it!  Right now I’m reading Anne books and Anne is so refreshing!

I want to challenge myself to read at least two books a month to review.  I have two different sources for books to review, so my minimum goal is to do one review for each source each month.  So far I’ve done two in January already, so I think this is a realistic goal.  Since books to review are dependent on what’s available it’s hard to be much more specific with this challenge.

I want to read G. K. Chesterton this year.  I haven’t really read anything by him before (oh dear!) and have a feeling I should!  So, I plan to read some of the Father Brown series and at least two theological works.

Dorothy Sayers: I want to finish the Lord Peter mysteries and read one or two of her non fiction works.

Dickens: Pickwick Papers and Tale of Two Cities are in the plans for this year.

Anthony Trollope: Paliser Novels (6), Barsetshire Novels (6).

Dostoevsky: Crime and Punishment, The Idiot, Brothers Karamazov

Read Flannery O’Conner’s short stories.  I have borrowed the collected works from my Mom.

Russian History: Autopsy on an Empire, Natasha’s Dance, The People’s Tragedy, Russia and the Russians

Read more of Dad’s recommendations.  So far for this year: The Valient Papers by Calvin Miller, Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose, and biographies of Eisenhower and Augustine.

Read at least ten books of of my “I’ve always meant to read that” shelf.

That’s a start.  I’m sure I’ll add to this eventually.  Hurrah for books!

~ by shostagirl on January 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “Reading Challenge 2012”

  1. It is so very eerie how similar our reading plans are.

  2. P.S. I cannot WAIT for your reviews. 😀

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