Trevin’s Quest

Eye of the Sword by Karyn Henley is a book I received to review.  It is the second in a series.  I have not read the first book: Breath of Angel but after reading it’s sequel I may have to track it down.  The story opens with the main character, Trevin departing on a quest.  This adventure as all the great ingredients of a compelling fantasy novel: a nearly impossible mission, friendship, love, betrayal, evil, redemption, and an epic journey.

One of my favorite characters in the story is Princess Melaia.  It is hard for her to watch her friend leave on a quest that she believes should be hers.  Her task of remaining with her father and in her royal role feels harder to her than embarking on the dangerous quest to unite the three harps.  One of the villains of the story, Prince Varic makes Melaia’s life difficult as she wrestles with feeling like a political pawn in a game she would rather mastermind.  Ever sinister, Prince Varic also manages to make Trevin’s quest even harder.

I really enjoyed my visit to the land of Camrithia.  I am hooked: I will probably find the first one and read the next ones as they come out.  I think this series would be fantastic to share with my twelve year old brother.  It has all the adventure he could want without having anything in it I wouldn’t want him to read.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

~ by shostagirl on February 8, 2012.

2 Responses to “Trevin’s Quest”

  1. This one sounds interesting. Very interesting that they had the girl stay at home. Sort of a surprise for modern books, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Perhaps. She was the focus of the adventure in the first book. What I found interesting is how well Henley portrayed that it is sometimes harder to stay than to go.

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