Day 2: A Book I’ve Read More Than Three Times

Once again I’m going to go with more than I’m supposed to choose.  People always need more books suggestions, right?  All three of these books I read in elementary school.  I was home-schooled and the curriculum my Mom chose was very reading heavy.  These are Sonlight Books (that’s the curriculum) and they are fantastic.  I read them over and over again.  I still re-read them and have tracked them down because my Mom is keeping her copies and I just had to own them.









*** slight spoiler alerts***

All three of these books are wonderful adventures.  Mara, Daughter of the Nile is the story of Mara, a double spy during the reign of Queen Hatshepsut when Thutmose III is struggling to ascend to his rightful throne.  It was a time of intrigue and conspiracy in the royal court and Mara was recruited because of her quick thinking and language abilities to be a spy for the Queen by a man who bought her from her abusive master to serve the Queen.  Later that day the suppressed King’s man, Sheftu, also pays her to spy for the young King.  Can Mara juggle both?  Whose side will she choose?  Will she be a slave forever?  Haha… read it!

The Master Puppeteer is of course another favorite.  It is the story of Sabura, a Japanese Robin Hood who steals from the rich to help the very poor in the Japanese feudal system.  Jiro,an apprentice, learn’s from  the puppet master’s son (Kinshi) the trade of both making and using beautiful puppets for entertainment.  As the hungry crowd mobs and the authorities furiously search for the true identity of Sabura, Jiro is caught in the middle between Yoshida his master and his family.  Fantastic suspense combined with historical fiction.

The Witch of Blackbird Bond set in Connecticut when it was a colony is upset by the arrival of Kit Tyler to the peaceful Puritan village.  Kit seems to get in trouble everywhere and incure censure no matter what she does by accidentally attracting her cousin’s suitor, befriending the despised Quaker widow, and dressing frivolously.  Most of all she misses the freedom of Barbados, her Grandfather, and even her tumultuous friendship with Nat, the captain of the ship she took from Barbados to Connecticut’s son.  Set in conservative puritan New England during the witch trials this is a compelling and delightful story.

~ by shostagirl on February 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “Day 2: A Book I’ve Read More Than Three Times”

  1. I’ve never even heard of the first two. I’ll add them on Goodreads! I loved the Witch of Blackbird Pond too!

  2. Oh wow. I’m so excited for you… reading them for the first time. They are wonderful adventures/mystery stories.

  3. I love the first book and third book, but I’ve never heard of the middle book. Looks like I need to add them to my list.

  4. hey great site, i enjoyed reading it. keep up the good work

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