Day 4: A Guilty Pleasure Book

Sometimes this challenge has felt a little bit as if I was a small girl surrounded by a pack of small friends, each shouting “I’m you’re best friend, pick ME” and leaving me feeling like a betrayer as I choose.  Today is not one of those days in the challenge.  Today my choice is THE choice.  There is no competition.  Of course as a whole, I have to choose the works of Georgette Heyer.  I am not ashamed to own up to reading and loving them (obviously).  However, of anything I read they are the only things that fit this category.

I love Georgette Heyer novels because they are completely ridiculous.  The hero is often heralded by his “firm tread” heard in the hall from a distance.  Heyer’s hero’s are often either complete rakes or nearly omniscient or both.  Her heroines range from the incredibly ditsy to the overly sensible.  Her plots are ridiculous.  Completely ridiculous.  I cannot give any of them away.

For me, the best of her work is Venetia.  If Heyer is ridiculous, Venetia wins.  What a sensible woman.  Way too sensible for her own or anyone else’s good.  Her hero is a most dreadful rake.  He is also the only person in her life who takes her seriously or doesn’t edit her and assume she means the opposite of what she says.  It’s a splendid story of intrigue and gained and lost love with a pretty fun bit of scandal.  The amazing part is that it’s squeaky clean (another reason I love Heyer’s books).  You should read it.

~ by shostagirl on February 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 4: A Guilty Pleasure Book”

  1. Your analogy is right on. That’s totally how I feel in the book challenge! This one isn’t fair cause I don’t actually feel “guilty” about reading certain books, but just…some of them are a ton sillier than what I normally read.

  2. Yeah, silly is how I interpreted “guilty” too. I just don’t read anything I feel “guilty” about. I suppose The Sunday Philosophy Club series could have been a contender, but not really.

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