What I Read This Week 2.3

  Speaker for the Dead is the second in Ender’s Saga.  The concept of having a speaker for the dead is intriguing.  Instead of remember the way someone lived, the speaker researches and discerns their life story.   Then they speak not how the person lived, but how they wanted to live and what they regretted.  It is an attractive idea.

It’s hard to give a good summary of this book without giving anything away.   There is space travel that defies time, new worlds, new species, and a host of characters that grab your attention.  Perhaps the most interesting new character is Jane.  It’s a good book.


  Xenocide was a great book but it was also tough.  There is a new crisis that must be averted and new ways that people have been cruel that need to be corrected.  There were several points where I actually just had to take a break from the book because it was so intense.  It was awesome though!  Orson Scott Card managed to speak about faith and loyalty and truth though what could possibly be the end of a planet.

Some of the sci-fi stuff in this book was a little much for me and seemed perhaps too contrived.  However, it was an incredible read.  I’m really enjoying this series.


Wow.  Only two books this week.  I’ve been working on so many projects that I haven’t been reading as much.  The reason I worry about this is because I’m in a pretty intense reading contest with my friend Heather.  It’s for the whole year.  I’m starting off ahead but I cannot afford to continue to slacken my reading pace.

~ by shostagirl on February 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “What I Read This Week 2.3”

  1. Hahahaha! I love how we are like: “Oh man! Only two books!” And for most people a book a week is a great pace.
    Don’t worry you should uhhh….relax more. Take a few more weeks like this. *rubs hands gleefully*

  2. I need to stop taking your advice! This weekend will be full of reading and crafting so lookout. Hahahah. You should read OSC.

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