Day 5: A Book That Makes Me Happy

Once again I am reaching back into old favorites for this award.  There are a lot of books that make me happy.  Most recently Blue Castle by L. M. Montgomery.  This favorite sticks out because it is so delightful.  It could also have been a contender for the books I’ve read more than three times award.

  From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweilor is much more exciting than it’s title indicates.  Claudia and Jamie run away and camp out in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It’s a fantastic story of children setting out on their own and learning that their family really does love and value them.  Along the way they get caught up in a mysterious sculpture that could only be work the $200 the museum paid for it.  Or could it be a long lost Michelangelo?

The mystery gives Claudia and Jamie purpose and ultimately leads them to search for the answer in the very mixed up files of the a Mrs. Basil E. Frankweilor.  Can they find in her files the information they seek in a very short time limit?  Can they continue to hide in the museum without being discovered?

The interplay between these two siblings is great.  Claudia is the schemer/planner/older sister.  Jamie is the more practical of the two.  He understand how to conserve money: a skill that Claudia realizes she needs help with in order to make it living in the museum.  It’s a fun story and one that definitely makes me happy.

~ by shostagirl on February 21, 2012.

7 Responses to “Day 5: A Book That Makes Me Happy”

  1. Stories with kids as the main characters can often make a nice change if it is done right.

  2. Ok, I am back again. This is quite the blog of culture you have here I see.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in reviewing a book I published recently. It is a collection of three short stories called Shades of Grey.

    If it is something you would like to do then I can provide you with a code that will let you download a free copy.

  3. Thank you for the complement! I don’t have an easy way to read e-books and sometimes get migraines looking at the computer screen for too long. You can send me the code, but I cannot promise I’ll be able to get through it looking at a screen.

    Thank you for your kind offer.

  4. Nice. I liked that one too. NOT Blue Castle! Mixed Up Files.
    Hmmmm, I need to get back to this. Good for you for posting while being so busy.

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