Day 8: Most Overrated Book

Jane Eyre.  I don’t get it!  Now, before the plethora of Jane Eyre enthusiasts get upset I am not saying it is the worst book of all time or anything like that.  Just the most overrated.  What is it that so many people love about this story?

The characters drive me crazy!  Jane is whiny and over-obsessed with her plainness.  Mr. Rochester is the hero?  Really?  His behavior is despicable in my opinion.  Why in the world would you marry someone who had such a recent terrible track record?  Not to mention that the whole older “single” man marrying a governess quite young enough to be his child is sketch anyway.  I don’t get it.  I think I have read it three times trying to understand why people like it.  It is kind of boring.  It is hard to believe that the same person wrote it and Shirley.  Regardless of the romance, the settings in the two books could not be more opposite.  There are things happening in Shirley.  One does not have to spend an inordinate amount of time lost in the thoughts of a rather depressing heroine.

~ by shostagirl on February 24, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day 8: Most Overrated Book”

  1. Do that many people love this book? I mean, enough for it to be OVERrated?

    Yeah, Mr. Rochester….you are right. He’s an anti-hero. But it is so not sketch to marry someone that young. I mean, there are no biblical principals as far as age, and look at Joseph and Mary. They think he was in his thirties and she was about fifteen. Also, there are many other books where the guy is much older than his love interest. Jo from Little Women marries a man much older than her. Also, Mr. Knightly was quite a bit older than Emma, right? I’m just saying, there is a literary and biblical precedent that makes it totally fine. It’s only culture that considers it sketch. Age is just a number…….and jail is just a room. (hahaha! I can’t help adding that, but really..) Age IS just a number.

    Jane…I really have to re-read this, because it seemed to me she just thought she was plain and the end. Like, she just said that and she didn’t much care about it. I mean, when Blache is all up in Rochester’s grill then yes, she gets a little whiny. But who doesn’t when their man is being messed with? Especially by someone a zillion times hotter than you. She didn’t strike me as whiny and depressing at all. But I have only read it twice and some time ago. I should re-read it and check into this.

    I can’t comment on what people love because honestly I don’t know that many people who have read it. I like it just because I like the Bronte sisters. And I apparently like jerks (like ALL of the Brontes heros). hahaha! Ok, I don’t really LIKE them, I kind of despise them, but I love to despise them. Mostly Heathcliffe though, even though I know he is a different Bronte sister’s creation.

    Ok, I’ve officially left the longest comment on your blog. hahahaha! I win!

    • Haha! Thanks for that longest post. It may have been longer than my original post. It seems like most people I know LOVE the book.
      I guess if he didn’t behave paternally the age thing would not bother me as much. Mr. Knightly also bugs me. I mean, I like that book much better than this one, but that aspect does get to me. It would be less sketch if Jane wasn’t a such a vulnerable employee. It just bugs me. I know it doesn’t bug a lot of people… hence my assigned overrated to it.

      Surprisingly (haha) I don’t like Wuthering Heights either.

      • Haha…yup, it was longer than your original post. You may know a lot more “classic” readers than I do. I guess I was thinking general public, but probably among your group of friends that makes sense.

        Really? Mr. Knightly bugs you!? HOW??? hahaha! There is so nothing wrong with the age difference though.

        Yeeeah, you really should be friends with my friend Joy. You and she have a lot more in common. We just recently had a Wuthering Heights debate. Me on affirmative of course.

        Sorry it took me so long to see this. I can never figure out how to get WordPress to let me know if there are replies to my post.

  2. Mr. Knightly acts fatherly towards Emma. Blech. An age difference of 15-20 years may not bother you but it certainly bothers me. How could a man of 30-38 possibly treat a 16-18 year old girl as an equal? I think a suitor/husband acting fatherly is distressing. I don’t mind the age difference quite as terribly when he treats the woman he wants to be his wife like an equal instead of a daughter.

    You just check the box under the comment area “notify me of follow-up comments via email.”

  3. LoL…again, it took me forever to see this. haha! We’ll have to agree to disagree on the age difference.

    And yeah, when I do that it emails me and asks me to “register” or something.

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