Day 9: A Book I Thought I’d Hate but Ended Up Loving!

Today is another easy choice.  This was a recent read of mine: my first in 2012.  I had noticed The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova on and various places.  I was always drawn to the title since I’m such a history nerd and then when I read the summary I would be disappointed.  Dracula.  Vampires.  Gross.  Then while I was visiting my parents over Christmas I went to this used book store the size of a warehouse.  I was perusing the clearance section and there it was in hardcover, jumping out at me again.  I looked at the title and got excited, read the back and was disappointed.  I put it back.  Then I picked it up.  I read the back again.  No, I don’t like that stuff.  I put it back again.  I wandered around the store.  It was a dollar.  I went back and bought it- if it was awful I could sell it on ebay for more, right?  Or even just give it to a used bookstore.

It was awesome!  I’m so glad I bought it and read it!  It is a mystery of historical proportions.  The main character comes across a letter that begins: My dear and unfortunate successor…  If you found that on your father/professor’s desk could you resist?  People interested in researching the Dracula legend beginning with Vlad the Impaler had strange things happen to them.  Ultimately, if they continue their interest, they disappear.

I liked the descriptions of traveling through Europe.  It made me want to go on a trip.  I liked the descriptions of research and landscape.  I like that Kostova managed to combine all that with emotional characters.  I enjoyed it.  If you are a history nerd and you like a traveling story check it out!

~ by shostagirl on February 28, 2012.

5 Responses to “Day 9: A Book I Thought I’d Hate but Ended Up Loving!”

  1. Hey! Just noticed your post on the topics section! I’m doing the 30 day book challenge too! I’m only on day 3 at the moment though so am a few days behind you!! Really interesting to see what other people put!

    xx GnG xx

  2. Nice…I’ve been thinking I would love this one too. I love your indecision over buying it. So funny!

  3. I am not too keen on vampire stuff myself either actually. For some reason the letter part reminds me of a PC game called Amnesia: Dark Descent.

    Creepiest game I have ever played.

    • Ah. I’m a history nerd, so I think the letter thing is way cool. There are so many letters incorporated into the story… it’s great fun.

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