Susannah’s Ghost?

A Sound Among the Trees is a story that takes place in Virginia.  Part ghost mystery, part historical fiction the book opens with Marielle moving from Arizona to Virginia after her marriage to Carson Bishop.  Carson was a young widower with two children.  Marielle moves to Holly Oaks a house that pre-dates the Civil War to live with his late wife’s grandmother and two children.  Adelaide, Carson’s grandmother-in-law, has mixed feelings about Marielle and that relationship is a difficult one.  Adelaide raised Sarah (her Granddaughter, Carson’s late wife) because her own daughter Caroline showed up one day, handed her baby Sarah and disappeared.  Adelaide has seen a lot of sorrow in her lifetime and seems to hold her own great grandmother, Susannah to blame.

Stories throughout the surrounding town say that the house is haunted by Susannah’s ghost because she harbored Union soldiers.  Marielle is thrown right into the middle of this old intrigue and does a little of her own research.  Generations of women have had trouble in Holly Oaks and common belief holds Susannah responsible.

This was a light historical fiction with glimpses of suspicions.  Is Susannah haunting the women of her family to make up for her betrayal?  Is the house haunted?  Will Carson and Marielle be able to maintain their relationship in the midst of a house that reminds them of his past?  What really happened all those years ago?  If you are interested in some southern historical fiction light without a sappy romance, this book may be for you.  I enjoyed reading it but will probably pass it along.  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

~ by shostagirl on February 29, 2012.

3 Responses to “Susannah’s Ghost?”

  1. I’m unsure about this one. Maybe I’d get it from the library, but after you and Carrie’s slightly tepid reviews, I’m not sure I’d work hard to get it. Good review though, you can totally tell how you’ve improved at your review writing. Not that you were bad or anything, but it’s getting more streamlined I think.

    • I’m not totally convinced you would like it… but it’s a good “I want to read, but not anything heavy, and not anything I need to remember” sort of book. Although, really, Alexander McCall Smith is also a good choice for that mood. Thanks! I think I’m getting better at summarizing without giving anything away.

  2. […]   I already reviewed A Sound Among the Trees so I will just add that it was a nice read and it has peaked my interest in the Civil War.  Read my review here. […]

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