Day 11: A Book I Hated

I have to admit… I didn’t post this day for a while because I had to convince myself it was ok to post about a book I hated.  It seems so mean!  I couldn’t come up with a book I disliked that much.  Then I remembered this book.  It was awful.  The idea was good but the author took it way too far.  It seemed like a personal manifesto of cleanliness.

Here’s the problem I had with Organizing For Life: It does not take into account different gifts.  Should some people get rid of their dusty instruments?  Perhaps, although I have a hard time agreeing with that.  I’m such a music nerd.  The discussion on crafts really annoyed me.  She pretty much labeled crafting as an excuse to accumulate.  Her argument was that you can’t make something as nice as you can buy, and crafts are junky.  What about artists?  What about those of us who HAVE to do something with our hands, who have to create beauty?  What about all the friends I have making a little extra money through etsy?  Sure, it can get out of hand but some people are artistically talented and can make their house look quite nice through things they have made.

I just think it was too much of a “this is what worked for me, if you don’t agree you’re in denial” type of attitude.  I could be wrong, but it rubbed me the wrong way.

~ by shostagirl on March 5, 2012.

2 Responses to “Day 11: A Book I Hated”

  1. Yeah, this….actually sounds like a book I need. I have a dusty instrument, and sorry, buuut It’s never going to be used. hahaha…same with my crafts. But you are right, it can’t be a blanket statement like that.

  2. There are realistic organizing books out there that aren’t so rigid and demeaning. Read a different one. 🙂

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