Day 12: The First Novel I Remember Reading

I have so many reading memories clouding my mind right now.  I remember being required to read biographies in addition to whatever series I was into at the moment.  I think I read about Dolly Madison over and over again.  When I was ten or eleven my dad gave me the Lord of the Rings books and I read them all in a week.  Mom read us so many books out loud.  Dad read us Narnia over and over.

I texted Mom to see if she remembered the first novel I read.  I thought it might be Laura Ingalls Wilder but didn’t know which one.  She thought it must be the second one: Little House on the Prairie.  She read Little House in the Big Woods to me and I read the next one because I liked the story so much.  I must have been about seven or eight at the time.

I’m not totally sure if a Little House book can count as a novel.  Oh well, it’s at least the first novel-ish chapter book.  I have so many memories of library visits in my head right now.  It was always a very fun trip.  I remember hating the limit my parents placed on the number of books I could check out.  We had this amazing librarian- “Miss Margaret” who remembered my parents rules about what we could and couldn’t read.  She always had several books in mind for each of us when we walked in.

~ by shostagirl on March 6, 2012.

One Response to “Day 12: The First Novel I Remember Reading”

  1. This is such a wonderful post! And WOW am I behind or WHAT!?
    We were allowed to check out our age in books. I think the library’s rules were fifty books out at a time per household. I really wanted to try to reach their limits. hahaha!

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