Hope Enough for Today

Grief is debilitating.  It washes over me with shock and force, heedless of what else is going on.  Too much!  But somehow, it isn’t enough to stop time and life continues anyway.

Health scares with people I love, friends fighting the darkness of depression, death, and now the life of a friend I love hanging in that balance between life and death.  2012 has been a hard year so far.  I have been reading a lot this year partly because I have desperately needed the distraction.  This week has been hard.  Today is better than yesterday.  I am still afraid for my friend but God has brought calm and comfort.  Friends have met me where I am and ministered deeply to me.

I have been listening to music that helps.  Today there is hope.  There was better news and God has given me peace and strength. This weight is too much for me and I was overwhelmed under the pressure but then I realized that the weight is not one that I have to carry, that none of these hard things are mine, they are God’s.  I can breathe again and that is enough for today.

~ by shostagirl on March 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “Hope Enough for Today”

  1. You speak truth, my friend! That is the trick, isn’t it? Leaving the heavy things to God’s care and leaning on Him for strength and the ability to breathe when the pain is too much. Praying for you today.

    Thanks for sharing your blog with me! =) I like to hear about your life.

  2. I hope that 2012 eases for you and may grace be with you and your friend.

  3. I am sad for you, friend. I’m still praying for her family, and hope things get better. But even if it doesn’t, God is giving you a (albeit hard to accept) gift of seeing how much this world is not your home. Keep praying for His kingdom!

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