Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert

Wildflowers from Winter is the story of Bethany, a young architect trying to make it at a Chicago firm.  Bethany is from Peaks, Iowa but has left her life, identity, family and friends there behind because they were too painful.  She is forced to return to Peaks and deal with old wounds when her grandfather gets sick and when her childhood best friend encounters tragedy.  Even though she has not been in touch with Robin in a decade she shows up to extend comfort to her.  Bethany is uncomfortable with all the people from her past except for her Grandpa Dan.  She is especially frustrated that Grandpa Dan has a farm hand (Evan) living in his farm-house.


That is about as much summary as I can give without ruining the plot.  I appreciated the story and how real the grief and pain was.  This is not really a pick-me-up sort of read but it is honest.  Bethany is forced to deal with pain, both in the present and from her past in this story.  Robin’s new family (Evan is her brother-in-law) shows Bethany a new kind of faith.  Through helping Robin during such a devastating time she begins to see that the faith Robin and her in-laws display is not the twisted faith of the pastor who taught her only about God’s anger.


Wildflowers from Winter was not what I expected.  There are several romances going on in the book (past and present) but it was the rest of the story that kept me reading it.  It was real pain and suffering.  My favorite thing about reading this book is that there wasn’t an easy fix.  The healing and peace that came to Bethany, Robin and others was not a sunny attitude or a silver lining sort of attitude.  It was a compelling story: if a little too close to Christian Romance for my usual taste.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

~ by shostagirl on June 7, 2012.

4 Responses to “Wildflowers from Winter by Katie Ganshert”

  1. I’m not feeling a compulsion to read this one. Am I feeling that correctly? Is this a tepid, it’s ok or an endorsement.
    It sounds interesting, but it sounds like a lot of other stuff I’ve read before you know?

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