A General Update

Wow.  Life has spun crazily!  All of the sudden I am a music teacher.  I am so excited to be actually doing what I love.  Losing my job was definitely NOT the highlight of my year but the jewelry business, making scarves and teaching music that has followed is awesome.  I am especially excited to be adding enough students that I will hopefully be able to work fewer jobs and have more free time.  I have several reviews in the works that will hopefully appear soon.

Since I have been absent from the blog world for several months I am going to post pictures of what I have been up to in the time between.  I have done four craft shows and two jewelry parties.   I have been reading, though not as much.

An online friend made my day, sending me very thoughtful gifts from the Rabbit Room Community Christmas Exchange.  Such perfect books!

I am in the midst of creating Christmas gifts and hoping to get them all finished in time.

Until Later!  For now, it’s just good to be back.


~ by shostagirl on December 17, 2012.

2 Responses to “A General Update”

  1. Yay! Glad you are back! I haven’t heard about your music jobs, but I trust they are going well. Excited for you!

  2. So much pretty! Hooray for you blogging again!

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