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I wrote this for some friends of mine who wanted a list of my music teaching.  I thought I would share it in hopes that someone else could use it.

Practical Piano Pedagogy.  This is one of the most helpful practical resources about the paperwork and organisation of teaching music that I’ve come across.  It includes forms and brochures as well as tips on lesson planning and invoicing students.

Music Mind Games is one that I don’t use things from directly but really helps give creativity in teaching a boost.  This is helpful for both class and lesson settings.  When I can’t come up with a new way to work on something, I look it up in here.

The Big Book of Music Games, Grades K – 5.  This one includes lots of flashcards you can copy as well as game boards.  This is a time saver, and keeping the music bingo game on hand for unplanned extra teaching time can be a life saver!

Meet the Orchestra is a great music coloring book by Dover.  I use it for an activity during listening with younger children.

Meet the Orchestra is a great introduction to all the musical instruments.  I use it a page at a time for a two minute spotlight for general music education.

The Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozartis a glorious picture book of the opera.  I read/show the pages while playing various pieces in the background.

Specific to Violin teaching (I have a huge list… so let me know if you want more):

I Know A Fox With Dirty Sox Violin Book.  This makes pre-twinkle and initial set up much more interesting.  It’s also a fantastic sight reading exercise for younger students… easy rhythms with duet parts so you can have them read a line by themselves, and then make them learn chamber playing by playing with them.

Group Lessons for Suzuki: Violin and Viola
has been invaluable for my group lessons.  Every time I’m not sure which step to take next this is a good one.

Fun Improvisation for…Violin, Viola, Cello, Piano is one that I have not incorporated yet, but from skimming it I think I’ll be using it a lot.

If you only buy one of these, I would buy Practical Piano Pedagogy. It’s well worth the price. It is so helpful with setting up and getting started and having a place to start from for each situation that comes up


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